Ralph Taylor and band shine at Notting Hill Arts Club.

Ralph Taylor Live at NHAC

“Ain’t no sunshine when she’s gone” sings 18-year-old Ralph Taylor on the final song of the show.

Ain’t no sunshine when they’re gone too. The euphoric crowd leaves satisfied as soon as the band finishes the set, instead of staying to watch the follow up act. The fact Ralph Taylor was the main venue attraction is a remarkable feat for the 18-year-old who’s only arrived to London 18 months ago.
The LondonY stopped and asked some of the attendance what they thought about the show.

“His voice. It’s so distinctive and warm. It surprisingly goes from soft to bluesy screams.”

“I like the drums, and the guitars. Colourful, groovy.” adds Sara, 29. “Could you let the drummer know he is good?”

“He’s a weird mixture of pop, rap and r’n’b…Which I love. Plus the songs are meaningful, I can relate to the lyrics.” summarizes Lucas.

Above all, it’s Ralph Taylor and his band’s stage presence and sense of showmanship that set them apart.

Although Ralph’s songs are relatively new, he manages to make the whole crowd, from the front till the final row sing along, show their “sexy hip hop moves” and leave with a big smile on their faces.

Ralph Taylor’s single “My love” is out now.

For fans of:

Ed Sheeran, Amy Winehouse, Maroon 5, Loyle Carner, Supertramp.

Watch them play at:

Camden Assembly (Barfly) – Saturday 4th March.


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