Hinds, a breath of fresh air to rock’n’roll

I stumbled across the band Hinds (formerly Deers) a couple of months ago. It took me by surprise, like a brisk fresh wave in the sea.

The band started with Madrid-based Ana and Carlotta before adding to their line-up drummer Ámber and bassist Ade. Their music is fresh, raw, funny. It is everything that is missing to rock’n’roll today. Hinds goes back to the basics, takes you on a trippy trip on Trippy gum in the middle of bamboo trees.

It makes me think of guitars. Of the beach (and the Beach Boys), of femmes fatales (and Velvet Underground), of Spain, of having fun on a hot summer day with your best mates, being crazy, dressing up and pretending you’re a rockstar in your room while blaming the horrible ex who let you down.

Enough of me talking. Please go listen to the music. No one paid me to do this. Watch their youtube videos. Because the Hinds will take you on a exciting journey. They’re not by mistake in the top 10 NME bands to watch of 2015. 2015 might reveal them to the world, but this band is here to stay.

deers beach

Hinds, from left to right: Ana, Carlotta, Ámber, Ade.

They’re playing in London sometimes in May, perfect timing to set you in the mood for summer. Hinds were very nice to take their time and reply to a few questions London wYre have asked them. Check, check them out.

LW: Do you remember the first time you wrote a song together (as a two-piece band and as the current line-up)?

Hinds: The first song we wrote as a two piece was trippy gum. Second was bamboo. And the first one as a four-piece was Castigadas En El Granero.

LW: When did you actually believe that you could really be a band and publish your own music?

Hinds: We still get surprised at the airport or hotels or gigs saying fuck, I am a real musician! 

It still looks like a dream thing to us.

LW: Why do you sing in English?


We sing in English because all the music we listen to is in that language. It’s kind of the international music language!

LW: Did you have the chance to study or live in London? What did you think of that city when you played concerts there?

Hinds: Ade is the only one who had ever lived in London. She was there when she was 16 studying English. We loved that city. We all had been there before we were a band and it is just an example of music culture


LW: Do you have day-time work or did you reach a point where music took over ordinary life?

 I wish we had something like a routine sometimes.. but we don’t. At all. Haha. 

We are 20 days of the month out and the rest writing songs, seeing family, doing interviews and answering to emails..

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