Sex shop food

So, my sister texted me the postcode of the mexican restaurant La Bodega Negra where I should meet her and her friends. Once in Piccadilly Circus, I walked past the hundreds of tourists wondering around in shorts, and turned right. I stopped where my postcode told me to stop. Adult Video. Peep show, written on the display window. That can’t be right. I look left and right. I walk to the cafe next door.

-Do you know where La Bodega Negra is?

-Yes, the first place on our right.

I look at her dazzled. And go back to the sex shop entrance. A group of young ladies with black curly hair are laughing loudly.They go in. I open the door, look around me, embarrassed, self-conscious that anyone I know would see me.

Naked bodies hanging everywhere. Bodies made out of wax, in burlesque underwear. I avoid looking, making a point that I’m not here to look at naked bodies. A man with a black moustache and a smile welcomes me. The group of ladies have disappeared. He tells me to follow him. I do, ready to run away at any moment.

We go down dark stairs and lend in a massive black dark room, full of people sitting around tables.That’s better. This looks more like a restaurant. But I can’t see the people clearly, just their shades, hanging in the air.

I’m finally in front of my sister and her friends. One tiny little candle, the one you put on a cake when you’re too old, is sitting here.

Let the dinner begin. Basically the waitress were pretty, and kind but not strip teasers. The mexican food was tasty, well seasoned but no idea what it looked like.

The restaurant was slightly expensive. You wouldn’t go there every week. But it is definitely worthwhile taking your friends there once, to make a joke while having good food. I recommend it if you don’t tell your friends in advance what to expect.

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