Mistress America-Film review: A tale of friendship in a big big city.

“You know how it feels like when you go to a party and don’t know anyone? It feels like that all the time” says Tracy, 18 years old, on the phone to her mum when talking about settling in New York where she moved to study for college.

We all have been through the experience of moving to a city to study and suddenly the family cocoon is not there anymore, and it can feel lonely. Mistress America captures this experience masterfully. This situation where you go through your phone contacts to look for the one person you know in the city who might want to hang out with you on a Friday night. Luckily enough, for Tracy in Mistress America, this person happens to be the most fun and crazy woman in New York: Brooke, 30 years old, friend with bands and young entrepreneur.

Brooke and Tracy. Mistress America. Photograph: PR

Brooke and Tracy. Mistress America. Photograph: PR

This film pictures a friendship being built in the middle of the biggest city in the world. A friendship where Tracy needs Brooke as much as Brooke needs Tracy. Mistress America would have never made it without the acting and the chemistry of the two lead roles, Lola Kirke (Tracy) and Greta Gerwig (Brooke). The supportive actors are strong too. The script is not the most original but the movie is well written and produced. It is subtle, it is profound and it doesn’t lack of humour either.

 Mistress America is about clinging on to humanity, friendship and love in a city full of dreams and people but where everyone is unknown.



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