Brittany Howard, the new tornado of rock’n’roll

Introducing...Thunderbitch, Brittany Howards' new rock'n'roll band.

Introducing…Thunderbitch, Brittany Howards’ new rock’n’roll band [Photo credit: Ashley Boyd Jones]

If you miss the shouting of Kurt Cobain, the lovely dirty soul and punch lines of Amy Winehouse, the vomiting guitars of Sex Pistols and the explosivity of Little Richard, you’ve got your medicine HERE with Brittany Howards’ new band Thunderbitch. Yet Brittany sounds like nothing else before. This is dirty, sweaty, hormone fuelled punk and rock’n’roll that will shake you up like Alabama Shakes did on Heavy Chevy did but on TEN songs.

Here, Brittany Howards is having fun. Nothing is holding her, she is shouting out loud, vomiting the verses, juggling with the words, taking you with her in the eye of a tornado.

Thunderbitch’s debut album is everything you liked about Alabama Shakes but wilder, crazier, punkier, dirtier, more rock’n’roll than ever!

Shake it out on Thunderbitch’s official website here!

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