Unhealthy tasty meal of the month

You know, once in while, it’s OK to eat a meal full in calories, saturated fat, salt and sugar in three bites. At the end of the day, you’re running three times per week (*cough*). And most importantly the calories your brains burn while working very hard does the job.

breakfast roll

Picture credits from Pret A Manger

This morning, I tried the veggie breakfast roll from Pret a manger .

“Eggs, roasted tomato, ketchup, BLABLABLA, salted butter”, the description says.

“That works for me! ” said empty stomach.

So I had one bite of Pret Veggie Breakfast Roll.

First bite: Warm. Well seasoned. Bread’s fine.

Second bite: Mouth reaches roasted tomato. Juicy.Tasty.

Third bite: There is plenty of eggs but you don’t notice it that much because of the other ingredients.

Fourth bite: Salted butter starting to kick in. You suddenly feel sleepy.


Tasty?                                     3.8/5 

Unhealthy?                             3.8/5

Filling?                                     4/5

Aftertaste heaviness?        5/5

Will I try it again?                If I’m starving, have been exercising and I ran out of cereals AND Pret A Manger ran out of croissants, I might think about it. 

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