Why Fognini is the bad boy of tennis: Top 5 angry outbursts

Fognini is the bad boy of tennis today. He is hugely talented but you never know what is coming next. He seldom has a good relationship with a referee. He goes from shouting at himself to shouting at the chair umpire to playing a genius point followed by an unforced error. He sometimes shushes the crowd, sometimes shouts at Rafael Nadal in the middle of a match. This is the top 5 of the most entertaining moments of Fognini losing it in a tennis match. You don’t need to be a fan of tennis to understand. Just scroll down and enjoy the show.

Fabio Fognini from his Instagram

Fabio Fognini from his Instagram

Number 5

Fognini gets mad at Nadal because he thinks the Spaniard is communicating with his coach during the Hamburg 2015 final.

Number 4

In a game against Djokovic in Shanghai 2013, Fognini uses a rather…offensive Italian sign language towards the Umpire. The match ends with a firm hand shake between Fognini and Djokovic. Watch below.

Number 3

Fognini gets outraged by the umpire call on an unforced error on clay in a match against Delgopolov in Madrid Open 2014. They are checking the mark. The chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani thinks the ball is out, Fognini thinks it’s in. Then Fognini threatens the umpire with: “Believe me, if I lose this game…big trouble.”

Number 2

Fognini gets understandably frustrated against the chair umpire in an Indian Wells 2014 match against Harrison. Fognini plays a very deep point in the corner behind Harrison. It is almost certainly a winning shot, but the umpire wrongly calls it out and the hawk eye challenge proves it. But the umpire decides to replay the point rather than giving it to Fognini. Unfortunately, Fognini loses it again, delivering a typical show with a lot of F words.

Number 1

Fognini has adapted his crazy antics to the traditional sober courts of Wimbledon. More controlled and politically correct behaviour. But the drama is still on.

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