“We thought there was a gunman in the Stadium.” A witness describes the night of terror at the Paris Stade de France.

“Everyone ran in panic inside the stadium. There was no pushing. We heard explosions in the beginning of the [France-Germany football] match but no one understood what it was. The match carried on normally. It was only at the end of the match, when we wanted to leave that they made a special announcement to use one specific exit gate. At this point, people panicked because they were suddenly closing down some gates in the stadium. Everyone ran in panic without knowing why. We thought there was a gunman inside the stadium.”

The witness and her friend finally managed to reach the car parking. The police did not walk with them but the perimeter was progressively put under high security.

Their mums and relatives were frantically sending them hundreds of texts, every second, to make sure there were fine. What a relief when they finally arrived home safely.

If this is what their family felt for them, imagine what the families of the Bataclan concert victims were feeling. And imagine what the young music lovers were feeling, sleeping on the ground, in the scene of the shootings, pretending they’re dead and praying the crazy gunmen won’t shoot them like they shot tens and tens of friends next to them.

Two days ago, it was Beirut, in mourning for terrible suicide-attacks. Last night, Paris. Everyone is now thinking: Who’s next? What’s next?

Family, friends, telling me not to use the Underground, to avoid concerts, public displays in London. It’s the fear of the Day After.

There is a feeling of before 13th November and after 13th November 2015. The fact these attacks happened on a Friday night in one of the most developed cities in the world, and not some “far away” exotic place most of the Western world don’t really care about- will be an awakening call.

Something is not quite right. Something is not working. But warning. They want to spread fear, death, paranoia, hatred, division. We have to spread love, unity, tolerance among all of us, regardless of our country, religion and the colour of our skin.

Love is the only solution.

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