Are we the selfie generation?

Woody reports on his daily life. All rights reserved to original artist.

Woody reports on his daily life. All rights reserved to Woody.

Damon Albarn, from Blur, has called our generation the “selfie generation”. He sings it out loud in his song  “I broadcast” coming from the new Blur comeback album “The Magic Whip”.

I broadcast

Closing on another day now

All for a high score

Something out of nothing”

I want to shout to old 90’s Damon: It is not true! But…It is true.

It’s frightening how Facebook and the “smart ” phones have been shaping our lives.

“Smartphones are removing anything left smart in our brains.” complains Lara, a 22 years old student in psychology. “And Facebook is removing  away every book we can actually read in our spare time. Instead, we are reading faces, pictures of people having fun and this makes us lonely. Unconsciously, we want to take pictures of ourselves having fun too”.

It does everything for us, Facebook. You don’t have to write an entire message simply saying “Happy birthday” to your friend anymore. Facebook does it automatically for you, and all you have to do is press “post”.

Is Facebook killing originality? Individuality?

Does Facebook nurture narcissism, make us less ashamed of it, make us obsessed with the perception other people have on us? Or is Facebook just a tool, and narcissism to this extent has always been there?

People definitely want to take pictures of everything slightly more exciting than ordinary life. Some people think that even their very ordinary life is very exciting. Their new pen, their nails, or the cheese and ham sandwich they are eating.

But is the “selfie” syndrome just specific to our generation? I don’t think so. I think Damon can find people his age falling into the tendency of taking selfies and nurturing their image on social media. It is a trend, that attracts a certain type of people. After all, it’s People of his age, or a bit older, who took a selfie of themselves on that Oscar red carpet night with that 100 inches (or so) Samsung galaxy phone.

Ellen DeGeneres group Oscar selfie

Ellen DeGeneres group Oscar selfie [Photograph: @TheEllenShow/Twitter]

Obama and friends

Obama and friends. [Roberto Schmidt via Getty Images]

Whatever generation they are targeting, generation X, Y or Z, distractions are going further and further to make us think less, and have less time to actually improve or enjoy our lives. 

These “smartphones”, they are an amazing source of data for big businessmen and politicians. But now more and more people are aware of it. “I love the aspects of another city, It’s got your number and your blood type” sings Albarn on his “I broadcast” song.

Who knows what the future will disclose. We’re definitely not looking very far at the moment, our noses are stuck in our screens.

But one day, maybe one day, we might get bored of staring at the screens rather than the greens. One day, we might have phone detox sessions (might already exist), organic, preservative free eyes connecting again with the outside world and realising how little relevant is the colour of our nails to our 900 something “friends”.

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