Hinds: The band that makes people lose their bras

Tuesday 29th May 2015. Scala, London. 9.30 pm. Hinds are about to play the biggest gig in their life to an audience of 200 people. What they don’t know is they’re going to play the best concert of the lives of a lot of people who were there.

Carlotta, Ana, Ámber, Ade started by sound checking their instruments. Every time their toes appeared on stage, the crowd whistled and shouted, over excited. The venue, where lots of big bands started, such as Coldplay and Stereophonics was packed. Never saw it so packed. For a band who doesn’t have yet a debut album out (released in September/October) that’s quite an achievement.

Ana sound checking

Ana sound checking

Sound check over. Back to backstage. The crowd is eager, you can feel the excitement in the air. Finally, the band appears on stage, ready to play. The crowd cheers very loudly, and Hinds cannot believe their eyes. They’re all smiling and trying to share their emotions with humour and gestures. Carlotta shouts: ARE YOU READY? To which the crowd confirms they are, very clearly.



Hinds start with their quietest, darkest, most instrumental song that announces the storm. From the second song on, the storm is unveiled. The songs are upbeat, familiar to the public and the crowd is unleashed, shaking their heads, dancing, singing along with ooh ooh oooh.

“-Someone from a big band told me that after the first song, you don’t feel nervous on stage. But I can confirm it is not true”, reveals candidly Carlotta to the crowd, early on, touching everyone who try to show their warmth. Nervous or not, the performance is majestic.

The band is energetic, smiles a lot. They gather feelings of fragility, raw power, love, sensitivity, humour that no other band can bring today. They have this magnetism that drives a crowd crazy.

The songs roll, everyone is singing more and more loudly. I feel like a teenager again, going to my first concert and enjoying every single second of it.

Ana, at some point, holds her cheeks with her hands, out of disbelief at the response of the crowd. Someone shouts: “This is crazy!” It only gets better and crazier as the concert goes on.

What’s so particular about Hinds is that they look normal. They look like the type of people you would like to go and party with. They’re down to earth, and don’t stand there with the arrogance and superiority that some artists have. They’re not scared of sharing their emotions. So expressive, energetic, you can connect to them immediately. There is something fresh about their performance and you’ve got the feeling they’re having the time of their lives on stage.

What’s crazy is how they control the crowd with their music. When the tempo accelerates, waves of dancers emerge, and slow down with slower sounds.

The concert ends. But everyone wants more. People are cheering their heart out. It was amazing. The girls thank us all. They’re shaken by emotions. They’ve given it all. The crowd has given it all too. Everyone is clapping, shouting. Shouting, we want more. The band feels like they have to come back on stage to thank us all.

“We want more, we want more”, shouts the opportunistic crowd.

Ana puts her guitar back, looks at Carlotta, why not? The bassist shouts: “If anyone wants to come on stage, please, feel free.” The people don’t wait to be asked twice. A wave of partyers out of their minds invade the stage.

Stage invasion 2

Hinds-After. Stage invasion.

PAUSE: It would be easy, by reading this, to think it was a planned encore. But the act is so genuine. Hinds didn’t expect it, they didn’t know what song to play. So they asked the people.

“-Davie Crockett!”

And here they are playing the amazing version of Davie Crockett. (If you haven’t listened to it, check it out on soundcloud).

You can see Hinds plus 50 crazy fans on stage jumping, dancing and singing. Plus an out of their head crowd watching the band, the fans and singing with them.

Stage invasion 3

Stage invasion-Or people going nuts

Maybe you lost track of what’s going on. We all lost our head at this point. Just partying and having fun. To summarize it was a real fiesta. stage invasion 4stage invasion 7 The band was so generous they played an encore of Bamboo. And one of the fans was so generous she offered her beautiful black bra to the band. Carlotta wore the bra (above her clothes).The security man was about to come on stage to kick everyone out because the venue was about to close. But he stopped when seeing this young lady trying this bra out, for the crowd.

Everyone was thanking everyone. The band. The crowd. The crew. There was a feeling of I WAS THERE hanging in the air. Because this was the best concert I’ve ever seen.

Hind mania is on. And rock’n’roll is back.

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