Who the hell is Oscar?

Oscar is the skeleton you studied in your biology class when you were 12.

Oscar is the tiny golden statue offered to outstanding actors.

Oscar is the name of the bloody ex with short hair who dumped you for the girl next door.

And Oscar is the name of the act that mesmerised me by surprise on a Tuesday evening. Their music made me dance on a workday Tuesday at 8pm, which tell a lot about them.

Now the question is: Does Oscar refer uniquely to the first name of the songwriter or the name of the band as a whole?

The deep and warm voice of the singer/songwriter is a pleasure to the ears. He’s charming. The light in his eyes,  his shy smile and the quality of his songwriting could take him very far. But it’s hard to define what his songs sound like. It’s a bit of pop, a bit of funk, a layer of rock and it’s alternative.

The keyboardist/guitarist is brilliant. Finally a keyboard player who gives some love to his instrument, he dances with it and delivers a performance instead of being the boring person in the background.

The drummer always hits the right note at the right time and makes it feel like an actual instrument rather than a beat box. His drumming on Daffodil Days is stunning,

The back vocalist adds a haunting female layer to the songs, and is the little detail that makes the band great.

Oscar, whether it’s a band, an artist supported by a band, a skeleton you studied in your biology class or the name of your bloody ex, won’t leave you indifferent. They’re one of those bands that take full dimensions in a sweaty venue of human beings. Check them live.

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