Can’t cook? A King’s Feast in 10 minutes.

Does it taste as good as it looks? Yes. Do you think it looks ok?

Does it really need a recipe?

Broccoli, fresh pasta, salmon, tomato, avocado, mangetout and pine nuts.

Sauce: Olive oil, white pepper and salt.

Tip number 1: Pine nuts is the magical ingredient.

Tip number 2: You can add fresh mozzarella. Yes, yes, forget about the diet, you can.

Tip number 3: Put some music on while cooking, in particular Pavarotti to immerse you in the experience:

Tip number 4: Boil the water in the electric kettle while heating the empty pan before boiling the pasta- it saves a lot of time.

Tip number 5: You can boil the broccoli and the fresh pasta at the same time in the same pan. (2 in 1, an infusion of flavours and it saves you from washing up two pans!)

Tip number 6: Basil wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Tip number 7: You can buy ready cooked salmon. It is not cheating. Well…technically it is, but if you only have 10 minutes to cook, it’s definitely worth it.

Tip number 8: For the dessert-Call ANY CONTACT you have in France and ask them to send you some chocolate from Alain Ducasse’s Le Chocolat by DHL Express (might take more than 10 minutes to arrive).

This tastes as good as it looks. Maybe a bit better.

This tastes as good as it looks. Maybe a bit better.

Chocolat fruit secs

Tip number 9: Bon Appétit!

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